Bosch GCM8 SJL

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Snabbfakta Bosch GCM8 SJL
Modell: Bosch GCM8 SJL
Bokningsbar: Nej
Kostnad att använda: Gratis
Info 1: Kap- och gersåg
Arbetsyta: 70 x 312 mm 52°-60°
Obelastad hastighet: 5500RPM
Klingdiameter: 216 mm
Klinghåls-Ø: 30 mm
Märkeffekt: 1600W

Generell information

Sågen kan vinklas 52° Vänster till 60° Höger i förhållande till anhållet i bakkant (geringsvinkel)

Sågen kan vinklas 47° Vänster till 2° Höger i förhållande till bordet (snedkapningsvinkel)

This saw can be used to cut relatively large pieces of wood and is ideal to make cross-cuts. It is set for square, miter and bevel cuts, or a combination of miter and bevel cuts (compound cut).

The saw is attached to the table with 4 screws and some angle combinations are unavailable due to the present configuration.

It is possible to unscrew the saw and move it to perform special cuts or to cut longer pieces. The saw must be set back to it's initial position.

This saw can be use to perform non-through cuts (Dados, Grooves & Rabbets) using the depth stop. For such operation, it's usually required to install a sacrificial fence (see pictures in the galerie)


  • Keep hands at least 15 cm from the blade
  • Wear safety glasses and hearing protection
  • Keep the blade guard in position at all times
  • Hold stock firmly on the table and against the fence
  • After making the cut but before raising the saw make sure that the blade has come to a complete stop.
  • When making multiple cuts of various angles do not move hands under the blade whether it is moving or not
  • Sweep the workstation and the floor. All scrap goes in the scrap bin.

Handhavande av maskinen


Manual på Boschs hemsida


Endast för trä!

Some plastics can be cut using this saw, but you need to use your own dedicated blade. Always disconnect the power before changing the blade and make sure it's properly centered before starting the saw.


Se till att koppla in dammsugare innan du använder den!

Skriv något om hur man ställer de olika vinklarna


We currently have XX spare blades for the miter saw. These blade can be resharpened, do not throw them away, instead label them as "DULL".

The blades provided by the makerspace are for general purpose and designed for cross-cutting and have about XX teeth.

You can buy and install your own blade for some specific projects (cutting plastics, Flat kerf blades for joinery, etc) but you must install back the original blade when you are done.

Klingdiameter: 216 mm

Klinghåls-Ø: 30 mm

Underhåll och reservdelar


  • Daily
    • Visual check whether unit or parts are damaged
    • Check whether power cable is damaged
    • Vacuum and clean the saw and the dust collection box. Throw away scrap wood.
  • Monthly
    • Check the blade sharpness. Change blade if necessary.
    • Clean the laser plastic cover and remove gunk and dust on the saw.


We do not have spare parts for this machine.


  • 2020-02-XX: Miter saw station build next to the dust collector.
  • 2019-10-05: Inköpt


8 Miter Saw Pro Tips & Tricks - Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals


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