Coffee machine

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Manual: Fil:Coffee-queen-office-termos-manual.pdf


Step by step usage of the Coffee Queen Thermos Office coffee machine:

Start by taking the thermos pot and unscrew the lid
Fill the thermos pot up with water
Open the lid on the of the coffee brewer and pour in the water
Close the top lid
Screw on the brew-through thermos lid and make sure the arrows line up
Remove the filter holder
Put a filter into the holder
Fill it with coffee, just under 2 deciliters is about the right amount for a full pot.
Put the filter holder back into the machine
Put the thermos pot straight under the filter holder
Turn on the brewer, and a full pot of coffee will be done in 6-8 minutes.
After use, turn it off, empty the filter holder into the trash, and wash the thermos pot when empty. (edited)