FastFoto FF-680W Photo Scanner

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Snabbfakta FastFoto FF-680W
Modell: FastFoto FF-680W
Bokningsbar: Nej
Kostnad att använda: Gratis
Scanner Type:”’ Sheet-fed, one-pass duplex color scanner
Arbetsyta: 11.7" x 6.7" x 6.9" (storage) (W x D x H)
Optical Resolution: 600 dpi
Color Bit Depth: 30-bit internal / 24-bit external
Monochrome Bit Depth: 1-bit
Grayscale Bit Depth: 10-bit internal / 8-bit external
Output Resolution: 50 to 1200 dpi
Effective Pixels:’’’ 5,100 x 21,600 pixels (panoramic photo/long document up to 36" at 600 dpi maximum)
Scanning Speed- photo: 4" x 6" landscape): 80 ppm/160 ipm (300 dpi color)
Scanning Speed- document: (Letter size): 45 ppm/90 ipm (300 dpi color)

Generell information

Scan thousands of photos — as fast as 1 photo per second at 300 dpi. SafeTouch Technology offers worry-free scanning for virtually any size, including postcards and Polaroid photos. Second-generation Epson® FastFoto Software makes everything easy, with convenient photo editing and smart file organization tools. Offering the ultimate in versatility, the FF-680W features a variety of modes for quick sharing, archiving and enlargements — plus documents, too. Additional features include Easy Auto-Upload to cloud services and Single-Step Technology for 2-sided scanning.


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Get Started guide, filmer


User’s Guide (English, HTML)

User’s Guide- SmartScan software (English, HTML)



  1. Installera/öppna mjukvaran.
  2. Förberedda bilder/dokument.
  3. Skanna bilderna, tryck på skanning knappen.

Generell guide

  • Load up to 36 photos sized 3 x 5”, 4 x 6”, or 5 x 7”, faceup and top edge first. Then, slide in the edge guides. If you load 4 x 6” and 5 x 7” photos in the same batch, align the middle of the photos.
  • Organize your photos by subject or date. You can give each batch of photos a custom file name as you scan them using the FastFoto software.
  • Sort your photos by size. You can scan 4 x 6” and 5 x 7” photos in the same batch when the photos are grouped by size.
  • Make sure your photos are not stuck together. Stuck photos will be double-fed through the scanner and can potentially get damaged.
  • Remove any dust or adhesive from the front and back of your photos using a soft, dry cloth. Dust and sticky album residue can scratch or jam photos during scanning.
  • Straighten curved photos or scan fewer at a time to prevent jamming.
  • Do not load photos in the scanner while it is scanning.
  • Do not mix photos and documents.
  • Use the included carrier sheet for small, delicate, or important photos.
  • Scan Polaroid™ or panoramic photos one at a time.


Generell info

  • Note: The FastFoto software will remind you to clean your scanner after every 300 scans. Dust can stick to the rollers and glass parts inside the scanner. This can cause lines to appear in your scanned images and potentially scratch the coating of your photos. Use the included microfiber cloth to clean scanner parts. See the online User’s Guide for cleaning instructions.
  • Film: Cleaning Inside Your Scanner


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