IT infrastructure DKV53

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This is a description of the internal IT infrastructure of the current space at Drottning Kristinas Väg 53.

IP network

External IP address

The external IP address allocated by THINGS is, netmask

Internal NAT IP space

The internal DHCP pool is in the 10.20.0.x range.

Static IP allocations

The following devices have static IP addresses

  • Paper printer:
  • Laser cutter:


:( :( :(

Wired network

The space has decent coverage of wired ethernet in most places. Most wiring is cat5e while some is cat6a.

Patch bay to ethernet outlet mapping


Wireless network

The wireless network in the makerspace is currently served by 4 Unifi AP AC Pro located in...

  • The workshop room
  • The big room
  • The corridor
  • The metal workshop

The password is posted in the space.

Network cabinet

The network cabinet is situated in the storage room and looks like the following photos as of the end of 2021.

Top image:

  • 31A, 31B: Two patch bays with connections to ethernet outlets in the space. (Except 31B ports 21-24.)
  • Netgear Prosafe GS724T, 24 port GbE switch with 2 SFP ports. (Currently unused.)
  • Netgear Prosafe GS724TR, 24 port GbE switch with 2 SFP ports.
  • HP ProCurve 2510G-24, 24 port GbE switch with 4 SFP ports.
  • Intellinet PoE injector. (802.3af) Used for the wifi APs.

Bottom image

  • Two power strips
  • The router/firewall. This is some old Dell desktop computer with two network interfaces, running pfSense.
  • Fiber patch bay. Currently unused.
  • 81A: Fiber patch bay. Currently unused.
  • 81C: CAT6a patch bay with some additional connection points to the space.

The cabinet also contains the CCTV system, which is off-limits for anyone outside the board.