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Snabbfakta Scheppach HMC 3200
Modell: Scheppach HMC 3200
Bokningsbar: Nej
Kostnad att använda: Gratis
Max board width: 32 cm
Max board height: 18 cm

Generell information

The use of pallet wood, reclaimed flooring, reclaimed outdoor deck planks and any kind of wood used for concrete formwork is totally forbidden.

Before jointing or planing, the boards should be inspected for nails, screws or any metallic chips.

Wood planks must be cleaned with a hard brush to remove sand dust.

Safety instructions

  • Wear safety glasses, keep hands at least 15 cm from the cutterhead
  • Make adjustments with the machine powered off
  • Check planer table before turning it on, a tool might have slipped under the cutter head
  • Stock must be at least 30 cm long. Minimum 6 mm thick for jointer, 4 mm for planing
  • Blades must be sharp. Dull blades will vibrate the stock and may cause a kickback.
  • Clean tool and work area when done.
  • Feed the work so that the knives will cut “with the grain”. Use only stock that is free of knots and splits. Do not plane end grain.
  • Use a push block when jointing a flat surface. Never apply pressure directly over the knives with your hand.
  • Do not plane the maximum amount off of stock when planing. Two passes through the planer can be better than one.
  • When planing thin pieces of wood, be sure to stand to one side in case the wood breaks and kicks back.
  • Support the work properly at the in feed and at the out feed.

Handhavande av maskinen

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1) By lifting the lever nearest the power button, rotate the table surface by lifting it up.

2) Rotate the dust collection connection (the overhanging metal part) towards the table and pull the wooden handle so it snaps into place.

3) Attach the yellow dust collection head to the dust collection connection. Fit it snugly and fully in, otherwise dust will sneak through the holes.

4) Attach the central vacuum hose to the yellow dust collection head.

5) Connect the power cord (located to the left of the door) to the planer. Push it in tightly.

6) Before planing, make sure there is nothing on the planer table, that the vacuum is on, and that the feed roller lever is set to "1".

7) Turn the planer on by twisting the emergency button, and pressing the black power-button hard.


1) Attach the fence to the jointer table.

2) Attach the brown dust collection box to the planer table at the same side you would be jointing from (the side farthest from the power button), and adjust the table height enough for the box to fit, approx. 11 cm. Then attach the central vacuum hose to the box.

3) Adjust the cutter cover width enough for your stock to pass through.

4) Using the lever, adjust the in-feed table height. It is highly recommended to start with a lower thickness and remove material in several passes.

5) Connect the power cord (located to the left of the door) to the planer. Push it in tightly.

6) Start the central vacuum, then start the jointer by twisting the emergency button and pressing the black power-button hard.


Endast för trä! Only for wood! Do to use wet or green wood. Wait 24 hours before planing glued wood pieces or pieces with epoxy.

Use only clean (without nails, screws or sand particles) wood. No other material allowed.

Pallet wood, reclaimed flooring, reclaimed outdoor deck planks and any kind of wood used for concrete formwork is totally forbidden.

Spiral cutterhead

The new spiral cutterhead uses 15mmx15mmx2.5mm-R150 carbide inserts. We have a set of 10 spare.

The inserts can be rotated 3 times before being replaced. The recommended torque range is 5.4-5.9 Nm (48-52 pound inch).

We currently have 3 sets of blades. Label and store the dull blades. When two sets are dull, send them to resharpening.

Underhåll och reservdelar


  • Daily
    • Visual check whether unit or parts are damaged
    • Check whether power cable is damaged
    • Check if there is any parts loose around the blades before plugging and running it.
  • Monthly
    • Check the blade sharpness. Change blade if necessary.
  • Annually
    • Remove the front cover to clean and grease the transmission chain and clean the clutch plates


Small yellow belt for the feed mechanism. One spare.

Replacement belts are available at Clas Ohlson, here is a link

1012 needle bearings for the feed mechanism. 2 spare.


  • 2022-02-16: installed the new spiral cutterhead with new bearings.
  • 2021-06-01: replaced two needle bearings on the plastic gear in the autofeed mechanism.
  • 2021-01-xx: new motor and new motor protection. Some gears of the autofeed mechanism replaced.
  • 2020-11-01: motor keyway and pulley damaged. Machine under maintenance
  • 2020-03-19: Fence installed
  • 2020-01-XX: dust collector built for the planer
  • 20XX: Inköpt


Wood Jointer Tips for Setting Up and Using a Jointer - WoodWorkWeb


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