Scheppach bsm 2010

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Belt sander for wood.

Steps to change out the belt

1) Loosen the belt tension by rotating the handle on the right side on the top of the machine 180°.

2) Unscrew the black knob in the middle of the machine (but not completely, by just two turns).

3) flip the machine to the horizontal position using the black handle on the left, you may have to reach over the machine a bit to reach it.

4) Drop open the bottom panel loosened in step 2.

5) Drop down the stop fence near the vacuum.

6) Slide the belt out, no force is required.

7) Install the new belt making sure it is in the right direction. This is also where you see the grit of the belt.

8) Do all the previous steps is reverse order and finally align the belt with the knob on top of the roller on the right side. Do very small adjustments while the belt is running to make sure it runs straight.

New belts are stored in the storage room.
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