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(Handhavande av maskinen: Added note about how to change the bandsaw blade)
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Gedigen gjutjärnsmaskin tillverkad på 60- till 70-talet.
Gedigen gjutjärnsmaskin tillverkad på 60- till 70-talet.
OBS! Kräver genomgång av [ kurs] före användning! / Requires completion of [ course] before use!

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Snabbfakta EJCA BA45
Bandsåg Ejca BA45.jpg
Modell: EJCA BA45
Bokningsbar: Nej
Kostnad att använda: Gratis
Info 1: Kap- och gersåg
Obelastad hastighet: -
Blade length: 3090 mm
Wheels-Ø: 446 x 32 mm
Märkeffekt: 1.0 hk

Generell information

Bandsåg för trä

Gedigen gjutjärnsmaskin tillverkad på 60- till 70-talet.

OBS! Kräver genomgång av kurs före användning! / Requires completion of course before use!


When installing the 19mm blade for resawing, it is mandatory to switch back to the general purpose 10m blade.

It is strictly forbidden to leave the wide blade on the bandsaw as it's much more dangerous for newbies and people without the proper experience.


  • Wheel guard doors closed and blade properly adjusted before turning on the machine
  • Upper guide assembly no more than 1cm above the work
  • Allow the saw to reach full speed before starting to feed the work
  • The stock must be held flat on the table
  • Feed the saw only as fast as the teeth will remove the wood easily
  • Keep hands at least 10 cm away from the blade
  • Plan cuts to avoid backing out of curves, whenever possible
  • Make turns carefully and do not cut radii so small that the blade is twisted then broken
  • Round stock should not be cut unless mounted firmly in a jig
  • Do not let small pieces of wood accumulate around the blade
  • If you hear a clicking noise, turn off the machine at once. This sound indicates a crack in the blade
  • Turn off the machine as soon as you finish working
  • Sweep the table and the floor. All scrap in the scrap bin. Lower the upper guide assembly

Handhavande av maskinen




Endast för trä! Do not cut wet or green wood. Do not cut freshly glued wood, wait at least 24h before cutting.

Some plastics and foam can be cut using this saw.


Se till att koppla in dammsugare innan du använder den!

Skriv något om hur man ställer de olika vinklarna

Byta blad på bandsågen

Vanligtvis så ska du använda det 10mm blad som oftast sitter monterat på sågen. Men om du ska kapa en väldigt stor bit längs raka linjer så kan du behöva använda 19mm bandet. Använder du det så *måste* du montera tillbaka 10mm bladet efter att du är färdig (och se till att det är rätt monterat).

Det är viktigt att du ställer in spänningen på bladet rätt och att guiderna för bladet också är rätt inställda. Här är en bra video som går igenom hur du gör det:

English: Changing the blade on the bandsaw

Usually you should use the 10mm blade that should always be mounted on the bandsaw by default. However if you are going to resaw something (i.e. you need to cut very large pieces of wood along straight lines) then you might want to use the 19mm blade. If you use it then you must change back to the 10mm blade after you are done (and make sure you mount that properly as well).

It is very important that you adjust the belt tension and the blade guides correctly. Here is a great video that explains exactly how to do this:


The blades provided by the makerspace are for general purpose (10mm) and resawing (19mm).

Blade length: 3090 mm

4st 3086mm / 10mm / 6TPI - Currently 2st

2st 3086mm / 19mm / 4TPI - Currently 1st

To order new blades:

Underhåll och reservdelar


  • Daily
    • Check for the blade alignment, and blade guide alignment (upper and lower guides).
    • Adjust the upper blade guide assembly height
    • Visual check whether unit or parts are damaged
    • Check whether power cable is damaged
    • Vacuum and clean the saw.
  • Monthly
    • Check the blade sharpness. Change blade if necessary.
    • Check the lower blade garde wooden blocs and replace them is necessary.
    • Check and clean the inside of the saw and inspect the tires
  • Annually
    • Grease the lower and upper wheel shafts. After letting the saw run for a few minutes, wipe out the excess of grease.
  • TODO
    • Balance the wheels


We have the set of spare bearings for the top and the bottom wheels. If they ever need to be replaced.

/// Add link for the new tires ///


  • 2020-03-XX: New urethane tires and upper blade guides
  • 2020-02-XX: 100mm vacuum connector added
  • 2018-XX-XX: Har fått motorskydd, nödstopp samt nya start och stoppknappar
  • 2018-XX-XX: Inköpt


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