Punktsvetsen Kweld används normalt sätt till att svetsa fast nickelstrips på battericeller (vanligast av formatet 18650) för att bilda ett batteripack.

Den är byggd med dubbla kondensator-bankar och ett nätaggregat för att kunna användas med högsta möjliga hastighet.

Rekomenderad energi [1]
0.1mm pure nickel strip 20J
0.2mm pure nickel strip 50J
0.3mm pure nickel strip 100J



Each weld follows this procedure:

  1. Firmly push both electrodes down to the weld material at a slight angle as shown below. Make sure that the electrodes do not touch each other, or you will likely weld them together instead.

  2. Trigger a pulse by stepping on the foot switch - and keeping your foot down. Don’t be frightened, the cables will jump from the high current flowing through them, and the weld spot may emit sparks. You’ll see the LCD illumination dim briefly - this is done on purpose to save power during the pulse.
  3. Listen to the sound from the welder, as it tells you if the welding process has succeeded or not:
    1. one short beep signals success
    2. a higher tone, followed by a lower tone, signals that something went wrong
  4. Check the information that is displayed on the LCD (see details below).
  5. When finished reading, release your foot from the switch. The results disappear from the LCD and the welder is instantly ready for another go.