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Version från den 24 augusti 2018 kl. 14.25 av VM (diskussion | bidrag)
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Svenska: Lokalregler

(Version 2018-03-02)

Rules for the premises of Stockholm Makerspace

You are solely responsible for everything you do on the premises.

You must pledge to ...

  1. take responsibility for your own actions and to show consideration for other members.
  2. not do anything illegal on the premises.
  3. abstain from using drugs or alcohol on the premises.
  4. not operate the group’s machines while under the influence.
  5. keep yourself updated on the latest rules.
  6. find and follow space- and machine-specific rules.
  7. always clean up after yourself and leave the premises in a clean state.
  8. ask a member of the Board if you're unsure about something.
  9. always ask before taking pictures of people or other people's projects located on the premises.
  10. not engage in commercial activities on the premises.
  11. not sleep on the premises.
  12. retrieve your stored project materials within 45 days from expiration of your lab membership. After this period of time, any remaining materials belong to the Stockholm Makerspace.
  13. take full responsibility for what your guests do on the premises. (Your guest is only allowed on the premises if your intention is to show them the space and activities. They must not work on a project of their during their visit.)
  14. always leave the kitchen/common areas in better shape than you found them. This is especially important in areas shared with other building occupants and we risk losing access to these areas if this privilege is abused.
  15. report lost keys to the Board immediately after loss.
  16. report damage to the machines/premises to the Board immediately upon discovery.
  17. take responsibility for people that you let into the premises. Do not let anyone in that you do not know!

Any violation of the rules above, or other abuses, may lead to that person being banned from the premises without a refund of the lab fee.