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Generell information

The Felder RL 125 is a powerfull chip extractor connected to most of the machines in the woodshop. A sound absorber was added on top of the machine to keep the noise level acceptable. A combination of 100mm fixed pipes and flexible hoses with doors are used to direct the suction to the desired machine.

To use the vacuum, start the machine by turning the red knob and open the desired door connecting to the machine you are using. Check before starting it that all the other doors are closed in order to get the most flow. In a near future, the vacuum will turn ON and OFF automatically when opening/closing the doors.

The vacuum should be used at anytime with the following machines:

  • Table saw, table router and planer with the flexible hose. Use as well to clean around the miter saw and the lathe.
  • Band saw (one dedicated flexible hose)
  • Miter saw (two dedicated pipes on the enclosure)
  • Beltsander (one dedicated flexible hose)
  • Lathe (one dedicated hose with large funnel - under construction)

It is not required to use the dust collection on the drill press, however it is useful when drilling large holes.

Regularly check for the level of dust in the bag, and properly replace the plastic bag if needed. See instructions below.


Saker man bör tänka på när man använder maskinen för att inte skada sig, andra, eller maskinen

Not much risks of injuring yourself, but a few things to keep in mind to keep the machine running safely:

  • Do not cut or sand any wet wood as you could clog the filter (which is an expensive spare part)
  • Check the level of dust in the bag and change the bag when reaching the maximum level.
  • On the side of the machine, there is a handle that you can pull a few times to clean the filter, do not perform this when the machine is running.
  • Do not obstruct the air output.

Emptying the chip collector

To empty the chip collector:

  • Before changing the bag, turn off the machine and pull 4-5 time of the filter cleaning handle. The Filter cleaning handle is the black handle on the side of the machine on the lathe side. See the upper picture to the right.
  • Pull the large handle upwards to lower the chip collector to the floor.
  • Lift out the full bag and throw it in the garbage room.
  • Take a new 200l bag from the shelf above the wood lathe.
  • Do not cover the hole in the corner when replacing the bag. See the lower picture to the right.
  • Roll in the collector and pull the handle down to lift it up and connect it. Make sure it is well aligned with the machine.
  • Dispose of the full bag according to the instructions in Sophantering

Handhavande av maskinen


Manual på Felder RL


Endast för trä!


Se till att koppla in dammsugare innan du använder den!

Underhåll och reservdelar


  • Daily
    • Visual check whether unit or parts are damaged
    • Check whether power cable is damaged
    • Check whether dust bags are inserted and check if not full
  • Weekly
    • Machine powered off, pull the filter cleaning handle 4-5 times. This has to be done before every bag replacement.
  • Monthly
    • Visual check for leaks around the filter (dust ejected from the unit cover)
    • Check whether the minimum exhaust volume control is functioning correctly
  • Annually
    • Visual check whether dust has collected in fan housing, remove if necessary
    • Check whether the seal between dust collector and unit is broken, replace if needed
  • TODO
    • Automation of the dust collection system


We do not have spare parts. Contact Felder directly to order more bags or a new filter.


  • 2020-02-XX: Sound absorber added
  • 2019-12-XX: Inköpt




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