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**<s>Adjust the table top (currently not perfectly flat)</s>
**<s>tighten the screws of the fence, check for squareness and adjust the distance mark</s>
**<s>General cleaning</s> <br />
*Table router
**Cut and install new top board made of phenolic coated plywood
**Add height adjustment screws to the router board
**<s>Finish the router fence</s>
**Fix the spindle locking pin
**<s>Check the height adjustment mechanism. Bits move down slightly when used. </s><br />
*Band saw
**Order and install new tires on the wheels- on their way
**Install brushes to clean the wheels
**Balancing of the wheels to reduce vibrations
**<s>Replace the small dust collector hole for a large one to connect to the HF vacuum.</s>**Make a small dust collection system under the table (e.g. <nowiki>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTLZtKWuvGs</nowiki>) <br />
*Drill press
**Fix it with a chain to the ceiling/bold it to the ground
**Add a bolt to the top gear cover
**3D print dust collection segmented hose (see <nowiki>https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3283800</nowiki>) (or by one in bauhaus)<br />
**Clean and grease the speed vario - 6260 bearings on their way for reassembly**order/get the new retaining bolt for the chuck(M12 - 320-330 mm)
**make supports for the new tools on the french cleats
**connect the lights/ or replace it with some LED strips on the dust collection <br />
**<s>Replace and</s> <s> adjust the blades </s> + fix the broken bolt(we have new bolts, to be replace next time we change the blades)
**Build a side fence
**<s>Build/buy a dust collector</s>
**built a platform above the planer storage corner to protect it from tools, etc.
*Miter saw station + storage
**<s>Building a new bench that include a box around the miter saw for dust collection and storage under and above it for scrap and temporary storage</s>
<br />
*Dust collection system
**<s>Double door at the exit of the vacuum to open the flow to the miter saw or the rest of the circuit</s>***<s>1m flexible hose to connect to the miter dust collection box</s>
**Flexible hose to connect to band saw or lathe (1.5-2m)
**Dust collection pipe behind the drill press with double door for drill press and belt sander **[[Fil:Plans miter storage.jpg|miniatyr]]<br />