Table router, Triton TRA001

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Snabbfakta Triton TRA001
Router Triton TRA001.jpg
Modell: Triton TRA001
Bokningsbar: Nej
Kostnad att använda: Gratis
Power: 2400W

Generell information


Handhavande av maskinen


Description on the Triton website.


For wood and some plastics only.

Do not ever use metal, even as a template.

Usage instructions

Make sure to attach the dust extraction system before using the router.

To raise and lower the bit, always use the big round knob on the router body.

Use the crank above the table only for fine adjustment! It fits in a hole in the table, and reaches to a ball head with a nail through it on the router.

Router crank.jpg

Changing the bit

Unplug the machine. First, flip the switch off. Even with the machine unplugged, it’s necessary to disengage a safety mechanism. You need to push the power switch cover fully open, flip the switch and let the cover close completely.

Then, remove the red protective plate, unlocking it with the grey plastic tool.

Then, using the lifting knob, raise the bit to its highest position. Turning the chuck, you should hear a click when the spindle lock engages.

Once in this position, unlock the bit using the black flat wrench. If the new bit has a shank of a different size, unscrew the chuck completely and replace it with one the proper size.

Place the new bit, tighten it with the wrench, lower it, and place back the red protective plate (using the smallest hole that would fit over the bit).

Put away the tools, flip the switch back on, and you’re good to go!


Underhåll och reservdelar


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We do not have spare parts for this machine.




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