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Wall of shame

Version från den 29 februari 2020 kl. 16.14 av Cloraux (diskussion | bidrag) (We Will Rock You)

This page exhibit some mistakes and inappropriate behavior that happened in the woodshop. The goal is not to point the finger at anybody but to raise awareness. Making an mistakes is ok as long as you realize it and learn from it. Safety rules and proper handling of the machines as described in this wiki are there to protect you and the tools so that everyone can enjoy the space.

Remember that if you have any question or need help on a project, you'll always find someone.

Now let's take a walk along the wall of shame with our member Kevin (purely randomly chosen name) Kevin might have different profil. He can be a new excited member that didn't take the time to read the wiki, he can be an relatively advanced user that believes he knows everything (but actually doesn't), he can also be an long-term makerspace member that believes rules do not apply to him anymore. Kevin also has little time to spend on his project, thus neglect the time he should invest in cleaning after himself.


Another One Bits The Dust

Don't be like Kevin, vacuum the dust!

Today, Kevin spent a lot of time sanding a lot of wood. It took him all day and a lot of sanding discs. But he now has a nice a smooth piece of wood. Unfortunately Kevin didn't spend his last 2 minutes cleaning and putting back the orbital sander in his box.

Don't be like Kevin and spend 2 minutes vacuuming the tool. It's also worth opening the filter box to empty it.

Also Kevin uses 115mm discs on this 125mm pad and press down like crazy. It just destroys the sides of the pads and discs won't stick.

The Thin Red Line

Don't be like Kevin, check the thin red line!

Today, Kevin used the jointer/planer - the machine that creates the most wood chips - and quickly filled up the vacuum bag. And Kevin didn't check the level in the bag even though there's a transparent window with a thin red line and the text "MAX". As a result it filled up the space between the bag and the filter (about 25 cm) and it took two members about 1 hour to clean.

Also Kevin planed some wet would. Humidity can clog up the filter.

We Will Rock You

Don't be like Kevin, don't bring any kind of stone in the woodshop!

Today, Kevin had some lightweight limestone bricks to cut. Instead of using an appropriate cutting disc on an angle grinder, he thought it would be easier to use the table saw. Kevin should have asked first. As a result, Kevin quickly wore the blade and literately covered the table saw gears and the room with a fine abrasive white dust.

What Are You Waiting For?

Don't be like Kevin, empty the thrash when it's full!

Yes Kevin, here is your punishment for not emptying the trash, a song by Nickelback!

I know taking the trash out when you just put a few pieces of wood is not fair but that's how it works. But leaving it like this for the next member is also not fair.