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Makerspace FAQ, English

21 togs bort, 30 juni 2019 kl. 16.45
Machines & tools
The basic rule is that all consumable supplies are your own responsibility to acquire and bring with you. This applies to everything from wood to cut, to filament to use in 3D printers, to metal to use in the mill.
Then there are some rooms where we have arranged that the organization has purchased materials that are available for sale in the space at cost. This is especially true of materials that are popular to use but difficult to purchase in smaller quantities or as individuals, such as metal for milling / turning, interior-glued plywood for laser cutting, textile transfer paper for printing on clothes, etc. These materials are available in the various rooms and you pay for what you take via [httphttps://medlem.makerspace.tictail.comse/productsshop/f%C3%B6rbrukning our web shop].
'''- What happens if I break machine X while I'm using it?'''