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Bandsåg, EJCA BA45

777 togs bort, 25 februari 2020 kl. 20.44
==Generell information==
This saw can be used to cut relatively large pieces of wood and is ideal to make cross-cuts. It is set for square, miter and bevel cuts, or a combination of miter and bevel cuts (compound cut).Bandsåg för trä
The saw is attached to the table with 4 screws and some angle combinations are unavailable due to the present configuration.  It is possible to unscrew the saw and move it to perform special cuts or to cut longer pieces. The saw must be set back to it's initial position.   This saw can be use to perform nonGedigen gjutjärnsmaskin tillverkad på 60- till 70-through cuts (Dados, Grooves & Rabbets) using the depth stoptalet. For such operation, it's usually required to install a sacrificial fence (see pictures in the galerie)
In theory we should always have an extra set of blades in case the current blade is dull. We might be able to resharpen the blades, to be confirmed.
The blades provided by the makerspace are for general purpose and designed for cross-cutting and have about XX teeth.  You can buy and install your own blade for some specific projects (cutting plastics, Flat kerf blades for joinery, etc) but you must install back the original blade when you are done.  Klingdiameter: 216 mm
Klinghåls-ØBlade length: 30 3090 mm
==Underhåll och reservdelar==
**Check the blade sharpness. Change blade if necessary.
**Check the lower blade garde wooden blocs and replace them is necessary.
**Check and clean the inside of the saw and inspect the tires
**Grease the lower and upper wheel shafts. After letting the saw run for a few minutes, wipe out the excess of grease.
**Replace the wheel's tires (new tires are on the way)
We do not have spare parts for this machine.
/// Add link for the new tires ///
Fil:MiterSaw.jpg|Cross-cutting large solid planks
Bandsåg för trä
Gedigen gjutjärnsmaskin tillverkad på 60- till 70-talet.