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Spånsug, Felder RL 125

95 byte lades till, 25 juni 2020 kl. 08.38
Emptying the chip collector
To empty the chip colector:
*Before changing the bag, turn off the machine and pull 4-5 time of the filter cleaning handle. The Filter cleaning handle is the black handle on the side of the machine, under the power connector. See the picture to the right.
*Pull the large handle upwards to lower the chip collector to the floor.
*Lift out the full bag and trhow it in the garbage room.
*Take a new 200l bag from the shelf above the wood lathe.
*Do not cover the hole in the corner when replacing the bag (see picture in the gallery below).
*Roll in the collector and pull the handle down to lift it up and connect it. Make sure it is well aligned with the machine.