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Bandsåg, EJCA BA45

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In theory we should always have an extra set of The blades in case provided by the current blade is dull. We might be able to resharpen the blades, to be confirmedmakerspace are for general purpose.
The blades provided by the makerspace are for general purpose. Blade length: 3090 mm 4st 3086mm / 10mm / 6TPI - Currently 1st  2st 3086mm / 19mm / 4TPI - Currently 2st 2st 3086mm / 6mm / 14TPI - Currently 1st
Blade lengthTo order new blades: 3090 mm<nowiki>http://www.bandsagblad.se/</nowiki>
==Underhåll och reservdelar==
**Check for the blade alignment, and blade guide alignment (upper and lower guides).
**Adjust the upper blade guide assembly heigtheight
**Visual check whether unit or parts are damaged
**Check whether power cable is damaged
**Grease the lower and upper wheel shafts. After letting the saw run for a few minutes, wipe out the excess of grease.
**Replace Balance the two SKF 6204 bearings of the upper wheelwheels**Balance the wheels after installing Do the new bearings.bottom blade guide
We do not have the set of spare parts bearings for this machinethe top and the bottom wheels. If they ever need to be replaced.
/// Add link for the new tires ///