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*Table saw
**Blade height adjustment not working. Screw and gear are worn out.
***<s>Order D-71 wormwheel D-56 height adjustment rod</s>***Install new parts, check for loose screws and friction in the machanism***follow this forum for more info <nowiki>https://www.woodworkforums.com/f153/bought-mj2325b-2nd-hand-help-76708/2</nowiki>
**Make zero-clearance inserts (create .dxf for the lasercutter)
**Adjust the table top (currently not perfectly flat)
**Build a side fence
**Build/buy a dust collector
**built a platform above the planer storage corner to protect it from tools, etc.
<br />
<br />
* Dust collection system** Double door at the exit of the vacuum to open the flow to the miter saw or the rest of the circuit*** 1m flexible hose to connect to the miter dust collection box** Flexible hose to connect to band saw or lathe (1.5-2m) ** Dust collection pipe behind the drill press with double door for drill press and belt sander
**[[Fil:Plans miter storage.jpg|miniatyr]]<br />