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162 togs bort, 24 november 2020 kl. 20.13
Ok. Where can I find out more?
#Our [http://fb.com/groups/makerspace.se/ Facebook group for members] is very active. There you can ask questions, ask for help, and get info about workshops.
#The Biolab has its own [http://fb.com/groups/1540165512945860/ Facebook group].
#On the [https://www.makerspace.se/kalendarium Calendar] you can see the upcoming events and "nyckelutlämningar".
#We send out a newsletter ("Nyhetsbrev") to every members' email (sent sporadically). You can even read these on the [https://www.makerspace.se/blogg homepage's blog].
#[https://www.makerspace.se/ The homepage] has links, a blog, and other info.
#This Wiki has lots of information, including [[Makerspace FAQ, English|frequently asked questions and answers]], [[Maskiner och inventarier|a list of the tools and equipment]], as well as help for each machine (like what parameters you need for different materials in the laser cutter).