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===I'm hungry.===
You have access to the kitchen on the entry level floorduring office hours. There are microwaves and refrigerators with food for sale. Note that we can borrow the kitchen from our landlord, THINGS, as long as leave the space neat and tidy, and regularly fill and empty the dishwashers. We also have a small kitchen in our workshop room.
===How does the Board work?===
#Our [http://fb.com/groups/makerspace.se/ Facebook group for members] is very active. There you can ask questions, ask for help, and get info about workshops.
#On the [https://www.makerspace.se/kalendarium Calendar] you can see the upcoming events and "nyckelutlämningar".
#We send out a newsletter ("Nyhetsbrev") to every members' email (sent sporadically).
#[https://www.makerspace.se/ The homepage] has links, a blog, and other info.
#This Wiki has lots of information, including [[Makerspace FAQ, English|frequently asked questions and answers]], [[Maskiner och inventarier|a list of the tools and equipment]], as well as help for each machine (like what parameters you need for different materials in the laser cutter).