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= Trärummet rules and recommendations =
*It is forbidden to work with pressure treated wood in the room for health reasons
*You are only allowed to work with woods and some plastics in Trärummet. Metal, stone, bricks and anything else is forbidden to work with in the room.
*Always use some form of dust collection when working with the machines (not necessary for the drill press and not available for the lathe).
*Always clean up as soon as you are done and before you leave. This is a general rule for the makerspace, not just this room.
*Attend a wood workshop intro before using machinees that you are unfamiliar with.
*Use eye protection and where applicable ear muffs when using machines.
*Keep long hair, loose clothing and any kind of straps, cords, jewelry etc. tucked away when using machines. If the catch in a spinning machine it can end really badly.
*Do not use gloves with the machines, if they get caught it will end badly before you can react.
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2020 to-do list for maintenance and upgrades